Business Sectors

Internet of Things - unlock the World!

Mission: provide easy, fast and secure access to facilities.

Despite the rapid progress of the last 50 years, access system technologies, which are used by the vast majority of people in the world, are inventions of the 1960-1970s. This is a market with great potential, and it is time to create a world leader in the mobile access segment. -


DROTR - speak your language with the World

Mission: communicate with the whole world in your own language.

Language is the basis of all communication between people, and linguistic diversity is the basis of national cultures. To help maintain linguistic diversity in the world, and at the same time ensure complete mutual understanding for people around the world, is a global and important task that we are solving.


YouGiver - communications via gifts

Mission: to make real gifts a part of the everyday lifestyle.

E-commerce was born in the late 20th century and inherited the principles of building and placing orders from old delivery services. In addition, communication is not only the ability to send text, voice, video and stickers. The ability to express your feelings and care using real gift giving is an important part of communications. We combine electronic commerce with communications, adding a unique logic for protecting user data. YouGiver


CashTime - pay with time

Mission: make people's time liquid for online payments.

Thousands of projects around the world offer solutions for transferring money from point A to point B. What if you are given the opportunity to pay for services with your time? This opens up completely new opportunities for processing microtransactions, scaling the business of mobile applications, media, crowdfunding, and even opens a new era for the implementation of charity.


S-Clinicus - second cuncil is your right

Mission: recheck of a medical diagnosis by using artificial intelligence.

When it comes to making serious decisions, especially those decisions on which a person’s life and health depend, it’s always useful to get the opinion of several experts. Artificial intelligence is a useful second adviser for both an ordinary person and a professional physician.


United Help - you`re safe!

Mission: provide personal protection for every person in the world.

Security is a basic need of everyone. There is still no solution that will ensure personal safety around the world, combining the latest information technology and rescue services.