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Combining the world's leading technologies, we develop our own unique solutions and create new unique value for our users.

Milestones of our technology


A new technology for gift-based communication has been developed - the ability to receive gifts anonymously through web personal access.
A fundamentally new technology has been developed for online commerce and monetization of mobile applications (as a SaaS solution with API).


The world's first technology was developed for exchanging access to real objects by sending a digital key to any unregistered user, as well as the technology for sending guest access. New technology was developed for the ability to "pay by time".


The first demonstration of the new mobile access system, the work of the first real objects.
Developed the world's first payment technology "pay by time".
Unique dynamic navigation technology for emergency response.


The first in the world to launch the functions of voice messages with translation and group chats with translation.


The quality of the video call translator function was improved to a new level - it is now possible to transmit the original speech and sound the translation with a delay of only 1-2 seconds.


Our innovative alarm technology has been successfully tested. Accurate geolocation, automatic alarm handling, roaming security and much more, which together provides a new level of personal safety.


The technology of the video call translator was improved - the USB device was no longer needed, and the Translator App became a completely independent solution, integrating a video call and doesn't require the use of Skype.


The first version of the Translator App for Skype was launched on the market - the world's first technology for translating voice-to-voice video calls (using an additional USB microphone).


After Alexander has successfully exited his previous ventures, now he devotes himself solely to developing innovative solutions and thrives to make an impact in this rapidly changing world.

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